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Kienbaum Italy benefits from the significant industry expertise of a Group that has experienced consistent growth over the years. Thanks to optimal collaboration within our international team of consultants, we have access to an extensive pool of experience, data, and insights. Contact us to take advantage of our expertise – our industry specialists will respond to you promptly.

Kienbaum Italy - Our industries

Building & Construction

As industry specialists in the construction sector, we possess deep, specific expertise and a broad network. Our Kienbaum consultants can guide you in recruiting, developing, and retaining managers. We will support your transformation process with our comprehensive approach.

  • Fabio Ciarapica

    Managing Partner

Consumer, Fashion & Retail

To thrive in the fast-paced consumer goods industry, it is essential to have top talent and managers with extensive management experience and deep, comprehensive expertise. We blend executive search with in-depth knowledge in HR, organization, and change management, offering you optimal guidance on complex transformation processes, with a focus on people as the key to success.

  • Alessio Pecori


Digital, Media & Technology

New roles, such as Chief Digital Officer, are becoming increasingly important, especially in technology-driven industries like IT, telecommunications, and media. It is becoming crucial for all professional and managerial staff to possess digital competence and navigate complex structures. Leveraging our combined HR and digital expertise, we help you find the right specialists and managers for your company.

  • Domenico Mistri


2023 & 2024

Top CEO Business Priorities

According to the 2023 Gartner CEO and Senior Business Executive Survey, CEOs and CFOs are aligned on three key priorities: Growth,Technology, Workforce.

Growth 49%
Technology 34%
Workforce 32%

Energy & Utilities

Now more than ever, companies in the energy and utilities sector need executives capable of courageously addressing and actively shaping current changes. Our dedicated team brings years of experience and a vast network within the industry. As a trusted partner, we assist energy companies and public utilities in identifying outstanding managers who can drive success in a highly dynamic and competitive market environment, marked by significant pressure to innovate.

  • Nicola Savio


Financial Services

Leveraging the extensive expertise of our consultants in the financial services markets, alongside access to top candidates and an exceptional methodological skill set, we excel in motivating people to embrace change and achieve shared goals.

  • Daniela Orsi


Healthcare, Med Tech & Life Science

Few industries are as deeply impacted by digitalization as the healthcare sector. We assist in breaking down rigid organizational structures and fostering sustainable business models, management frameworks, and care methods, all while prioritizing patient needs. Our team brings together expertise, backed by a comprehensive track record in the healthcare industry, to achieve these goals.

  • M. Grazia Natale



Top 5 Priorities for HR leaders

Persistent skills shortage: 26% of CEOs rank talent shortage as the top damaging factor to business outlook.
Rising impact of AI on organization and workforce 68% of executives agree benefits of AI outweigh the risks.
Lead Change? 73% of HR leaders confirmed their organization’s leaders and managers aren’t equipped to lead change.

Source | Gartner

Talent Shortage 26%
AI Benefits 68%
Not Equipped to Led Change 73%


Rising sustainability demands and cost-conscious customers are just a few of the challenges facing the machinery and plant engineering sectors. We assist you in finding innovative, sustainable, and comprehensive solutions to these challenges, aiming for long-term market success. In this endeavor, we consistently regard people as the key to success.

  • Fabio Ciarapica

    Managing Partner

  • Achille Alvisi


  • Massimo Conti


  • Giacomo Mazzanti


  • Massimo Merassi


Social & Government

Our Consultants bring dedicated expertise and in-depth knowledge of the leadership, talent management, and governance challenges facing this growing, and increasingly influential sectors.

  • Antonella Severino



We are consultants with strong experience and complementary skills in different areas of the HR world.


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