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Kienbaum was established in 1945 by Gerhard Kienbaum, marking it as the first German consulting firm and a unique HR and management consultancy of European origin.

Kienbaum’s story reflects its enduring values, focus on people’s empowerment, and a forward-looking vision that shapes the future of individuals and organizations alike.

Kienbaum Italy - About us


Torre Velasca Milano

Kienbaum Italy Milano

Kienbaum starts its operations in Italy

Kienbaum expands through the launch of its business in Italy, hereby introducing its experience, reputation and forward-looking vision to the Italian business landscape.

This strategic move is streamlined by an experienced senior team, based across 4 strategic business areas: Milano, Roma, Bologna and Padova. This strategy not only signifies Kienbaum’s commitment to the Italian market but also ensures unparalleled proximity and support to local and international companies.


Fabian Kienbaum

Fabian Kienbaum

Leading the Way in Consulting

In 2021, Kienbaum welcomed a significant change by naming Dr. Bibi Hahn as Co-Chief Empowerment Officer, a landmark moment as the first non-family executive to join the top management. With two decades of expertise in HR and consulting, Hahn, alongside Fabian Kienbaum, introduces a new perspective to the leadership team.

Marking its 75th year in 2020, Kienbaum celebrated its enduring legacy, highlighted by over 70,000 projects, the dedication of 700+ employees across 30+ offices, and a unique combination of a family business’s reliability and the innovativeness of a new generation. Committed to guiding organizations through transformative changes with respect and result-focused strategies, Kienbaum is set to shape the future and reach new heights in the next 75 years.

In 2020 Kienbaum relocated its headquarters from Gummersbach to Cologne, signaling a new chapter in its story.

In 2018, Fabian Kienbaum, Jochen Kienbaum’s son, took on the role of Chief Empowerment Officer. Under his leadership, Kienbaum embraced a new direction, focusing on digital transformation and fair work practices, epitomized by the guiding principle of #WePowerment.

The year 2016 saw Kienbaum being honored as the “Best Consultant 2016” in leadership, organization, and human resources consulting by “Brand Eins Wissen und Statista.”

Starting the 2000s as a leader in Consulting, Kienbaum was recognized as the top HR firm in Germany by the BDU, the firm’s global expansion saw the opening of its first office in Japan in 2007, followed by new offices in Atlanta and Istanbul in 2013.

1970s \ 1990s

Kienbaum Headquarter Cologne

Kienbaum Headquarter Cologne

Inspiring Change

In 1977, Jochen Kienbaum took charge of the Berlin office, setting up Kienbaum Berlin GmbH. By 1985, he became the Chairman of the Kienbaum und Partner Management Board, emphasizing personnel development and people-focused consulting services. His influence grew when he was elected President of the Federal Association of German Management Consultants (BDU) in 1998.

1950s \ 1970s

Kienbaum Consultores Ltda

Kienbaum Consultores Ltda

Expanding Horizons

Kienbaum established itself as a frontrunner in Germany by expanding into planning, consulting, and operations management across various sectors. It evolved its recruitment expertise into executive search services, launching Kienbaum Personalberatung in 1978. This marked the start of an integrated consulting approach, centered around people, a principle that has remained at the heart of Kienbaum’s culture.

With a growing team and offices in major German cities, Kienbaum extended its global reach; in 1957, it opened an office in Vienna and formed partnerships throughout Western Europe.

By 1971, Kienbaum expanded internationally with Kienbaum Consultores Ltda, representing the firm in 18 countries across four continents.


Leading by #WePowerment

Leading by #WePowerment

The Beginning

Kienbaum’s journey began on 15 October 1945, when Gerhard Kienbaum, after returning from war, founded a consultancy in Gummersbach to support businesses affected by the war. Traveling by bicycle, he offered advice on structural and process optimization, pioneering business consulting in Europe.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Little things make big things happen.

We want to show you a side of our world that isn’t in the spotlight: the activities we support that embody the attitude of prioritizing the uniqueness of individuals. Because offering those in need an opportunity to improve their present is a way to express our love for change.


In 2021, we contributed to the founding of Brut Outsider Lab, the irregular art workshop where various artists, free from the weight of centuries of history and academic theories, express their creativity by giving life to unique works.


This year too we are participating in the Totanga Library project, to offer the young people of Kingasani an important tool for emancipation, sharing with them a great passion: that for books that change your life.


Since 2005, we have been close to the Diakonia Onlus Foundation (Caritas) which in Nepal helps children in difficult situations and with disabilities, who are for us an example of determination to never give up.


The Kienbaum’s heart

In a rapidly changing world, we are committed to embracing and promoting fundamental principles that guide our work, every day.

  • Empowerment

  • Togetherness
  • Tangible results

  • Future-driven